Weekdays cheapest time to use Revolut?

If myaccount is in euro and I’m travelling in the united states is the cheapest time to use Revolut during the weekdays to avoid the 0.5% mark-up at weekends?

Can I avoid this weekend 0.5% mark-up by converting my €-> during the weekday and then using the in myaccount to spend?

If I have both dollars and euros in my account and I use my revolut card in the US, will Revolut use my $ or € to make the purchase? My main account is in euros.


Hey @crystalbrite :slight_smile:

Yes :wink:

Check this:

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Is the daily euro-dollar price fluctuation > 0.5%?

As in am I wasting my time worrying about the 0.5% mark-up Revolut add at weekends?
Or do you think it’s a good idea to do what I suggested above?


Hey @crystalbrite :slight_smile:

I personally don’t know. I spent one year in Poland and never exchanged money beforehand. I didn’t bother to convert it as doing so would require me to keep an eye on the rates, and my monthly spending on weekends could be about €200 (that is, 1€ surcharge) :blush:

I clearly prefer to pay the surcharge and forget about it, but some people with more knowledge, dedication or constance check the rates regularly in order to get the best rate. The decision is up to you :smile:

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