Wechat Pay & Alipay


Hi, one of the biggest challenges of being in China is that if you do not have a Union Pay card then paying for stuff comes down to cash, Wechat Pay and Ali Pay are massive but you have to have a local account to add a payment card. It would be great to have a tie up with either or both that allowed our Revolut card to be added or have a pay feature inside the Revolut app.

Any traveller, expat or alike coming into Greater China would then not need to carry so much cash.


Yes. this!!!
Totally agree - very frustrating for visitors


@DavidRevolut would you be able to tell us if this is possible? I’d very much like the feature and I think it’s quite important for two reasons. Revolut future expansion into China isn’t going well without this as well as the idea is we can use Revolut everywhere :wink: