Websites not accepting Revolut


Hi everyone,
so I’ve been trying out Revolut for a while. My main goal is to use it as a card for online purchases and subscriptions in USD, as I live in Switzerland and my main currency is CHF.

I was able to top up my Revolut without fees by doing a SEPA transfer from my Postfinance EUR account, so all is good from that perspective.

However, some websites simply don’t work with Revolut. Is that just the way it is? For example It simply says “Declined”.

This greatly reduces the possible uses for the card. Is there anything Revolut can do against this?


Some vendors simply refuse prepaid cards. There is little that Revolut can do. To make things worse, depending on the BIN database the vendor uses, some prepaid cards are seen as not being prepaid and vice versa.

With DigitalOcean, I simply top up with PayPal and keep a balance and registered my credit card with them (of course, they are a trusted company, so not a biggie for me). That said, a friend was able to use his SwissBankers prepaid card, while I wasn’t. So again, it all depends on the lookup database they use.

If you want to strictly use a card separate from your credit card and bank accounts, I see two options. Get a TransferWise Borderless account with their debit card. Or get a Curve card, which is a debit card, and use your Revolut card through Curve. Works fine. Only drawback is that TransferWise has a short waiting list and Curve has a huge waiting list.


Thank you for your reply. For me it’s actually not about keeping the card separate from my bank account - it’s about not having to pay foreign rate exchange fees. All my regular credit cards charge 1.5%-2.5% for payments in USD.

Also I’m having a hard time actually getting Paypal to use my Revolut card in USD. Maybe I need to open a fake US account for that.


Ah yes. PayPal loves to hide that. No need to open a US account. Works fine with Swiss account to.
Go here:
and then click on “Umrechnungsfunktionen/Currency Exchange” and select “Die Rechnung in der Währung ausstellen, die auf der Rechnung des Verkäufers angegeben ist.”.
That should sort it for you.

That said, TransferWise or Curve will be your friends if you need this for many sites.


Awesome, I didn’t know of that link. Good to know!

In the meantime Digitalocean accepted my Revolut card after contacting Revolut support. They did “reset” something, whatever that means.


Short off-topic question: what advantages do I have by using TrasferWise or Curve as opposed to doing everything with Revolut? Both alternatives seem to have up to 1% fees for currency exchange. What am I missing?


They are Debit cards and are thus often accepted where a Prepaid is not. And with TransferWise you get a (pooled) CHF IBAN to top up.

The exchange rates are indeed often better at Revolut. At least during the week. On weekends TransferWise is mostly on par or better.


I don’t know TransferWise, but I do like Curve. I love it’s flexibility and that you can consolidate all your MCs and Visa cards in one single card.
Another benefit is that you can for example avoid the fees of withdrawing cash from an Advanzia MC when you withdraw cash with the Curve card.

I don’t let Curve do the conversion because before the purchase, I define the Revolut card in the Curve app as being in the currency of the purchase (eg USD) and it gets „routed“ to the Revolut USD account without any conversion. In the Revolut app, I already have exchanged some USD when the rate was good


kinda off topic but holy shit that’s genius


Saving money is NEVER off topic :wink: