Webhooks, remastered.

Greetings Revolut community :wave:,

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest improvements in our Business API webhook version, Webhooks v2.

This upgrade brings exciting enhancements and improvements, enabling you to automate your business operations and all things money.

Exciting improvements include:

:one: Set up to 10 webhook URL endpoints: We upgraded from 1 webhook url, to 10.

:two: Security and signature verification: Safeguard your webhooks with our new signing secret, ensuring authenticity and avoiding fraud.

:three: Webhook URL update and edition: You can now edit your webhook url.

:four: Timestamp validation: Each request now contains a Timestamp, to ensure the exact moment in which it was sent and avoid replay conditions.

Explore our brand new API reference!

And we’ve revamped our documentation with comprehensive guides, practical examples, improved navigation, and invaluable security tips.

Get started with our webhooks and let us know your thoughts!