Webhook not Working

Hi there!

We have integrated Revolut into our business app Valletti. For this we are relying heavily on the Webhook feature to get notified about transactions.

Unfortunately the Webhook feature does not work at all as of now; at least we can’t see any posted information through the before registered endpoint.

Here’s what we have done:

1. Registering Webhook through Revolut Open API

POST /api/1.0/webhook
  "url": "https://notify.valletti.ch/v1/revolut/webhook?id=6abc09c99542af7abbdb616fcb56e4e22121b4ecb14024cce03b0f821598f1d0"

2. Make a transaction using Revolut Web UI
3. Silence…

How can we get notified via the provided Webhook?

Hey @marbetschar

Thanks for letting us know. Our technical team is looking into it.

hey @Oleksii thanks for getting back on this. Any rough idea if this is a bigger task to get fixed or it might be only a matter of days?

Would be great to known to plan the next steps on our end.

@marbetschar Hopefully, they will be able to fix it in a couple of days. We will communicate all the updates via the website’s chat.

I can’t seem to create a new topic, this one is similar to the issue I am having.

I have a merchant account approved. I am testing using the sandbox however when I set up the webhooks on the merchant account I never get a callback.

I have checked that the webhook is correctly defined and set. This is a major blocker for us going live with our merchant account as at the moment there is no way for us to be able to match payments.

Hi Team,
I have the same issue where webhooks are not working at all.
3 years of silence is really unrespectable.

Can somebody answer about WEB hooks status? Seems it doesn’t work, but I need to now it before further developing.