Web portal

Would it be possible to provide a web portal that a user can use to lock their card in the case their phone is stolen or lost or just left somewhere.

Another solution would be to offer a text service where a number/code can be texted that will lock/unlock card


This is a must have, a login account for emergency purposes and to control the account outside the phone,


I agree, but it seems that Revolut does not listen.
Either they dont have resources to do this or they think that its outdated and not needed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You are wasting your time asking I fear - its been requested for years.
This is the main reason I, and many others, will never use Revolut as a main bank account.


Might I ask how you intended to log onto the portal without a phone?

I think Revoluts argument here is that you can and probably will borrow a friends phone. In which case… Since they may or may not be a Revolut user then download the app (equivalent to but, more data and time required than going to revolut.com) log them out (if Rev user) and log yourself in. Problem solved according to revolut (a mobile only bank)

I know it’s not the answer since you may not be with anyone you can borrow a phone from / may have a laptop you could use.

I am merely providing you with Revs answer to this not endorsing it.

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hmm, might be for example seperate login / pass + some sort of additional auth from revolut thru e-mail.

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Sorry I think you misunderstood my question. I meant what device? Which leads into my next statement. It was rhetorical really

When people ask for a web portal it is for backup. I would be fine and dandy with only the ability to:

  • View transaction history one or two weeks back
  • Lock cards (not possible to unlock)
  • Ability to chat with support using a regular computer and keyboard (i REALLY hate typing on a mobile).

It seems revolut for business already has web access so it should be very easy to fix this. Myself i am one of those who will never move over totally to revolut with only mobile access, period.


Amazing that we’re even still having to discuss this. :r: talks about itself as a Fintech unicorn but can’t even shell out to knocking up a basic website.

Maybe just 0.00001% of that VC funding could be diverted away from increasing market share and spamming users to stuff like this?


Would love access to a web portal too.
Doesn’t have to be with as much “stuff” as the app, but alone to be able to use a normal keyboard when chatting to an agent would be super helpful.

I don’t think porting what the mobile app should take long, most of it are already web objects, but whatever requires typing, like adding an account, IBAN, contact person, making sure the right amount, perhaps integration with this Community, the blog to have the latest news…

And of course the security that you can access it truly anywhere everywhere, from a web browser regardless the device and screen size.

Maybe Revolut will add web access when they start using their bank licence. Hard to imagine bank without web access.

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While I agree a web portal would be good, I read today that Apple’s new credit card will be app-only as well - and Apple certainly do not lack for resources :thinking::neutral_face:

That’s true, but I don’t know to what extent Apple Card is a marketing stint (a big one), an attempt to revitalize Apple Pay/Apple Cash for both customers and merchants than Apple’s intention to start a fintech/financial services line of business.

I wouldn’t be surprised though, they have been providing, depending on the country, insurance (the Apple Care) and also liaising with financial institutions to allow payment in installments.

EDIT: In different words, it looks to me that the Apple Card is an extension of Apple Pay and Wallet rather than the opposite.

Hard to imagine maybe - It could very well happen though. Bunq used a proper banking license for many years before it finally implemented web access recently due to the customers’ overwhelming demand for it.

This has now been implemented, there is a number that can be called. It’s strange that this was not advertised

I agree, I think a web portal in general would be the way to go!

It think you’ve posted in wrong topic, there no web portal yet

Afraid not, I started this topic. The company provides an alternative which was what I will was looking for.

:r: has still no web portal for non business users and there is only a phone number available for blocking your cards! So what the heck are you talking about?