web interface for use on laptops and other devices

Good evening all, my names Craig and am posting on the forum for the first time.

I’ve already been in touch with revolut support about this issue, but hope that getting it out on the community forum will hopefully get other users interested and hopefully persuade revolut to develop a web interface for their consumer product, like they have for their business accounts.

I’m totally blind and use voice over on my iPhone, but the revolut app isn’t totally accessible with the screen reader, [something I’m assured revolut are looking into but have no timescales or development info as to what and when this is being done.]

Even with a fully accessible app, I’m sure even sighted people would agree that typing in ibans etc into a phone app is difficult and tedious, imagine what it’s then like being blind, having to listen to the phone’s screen reader in one ear, and the computer screen reader reading out the iban letter by letter, in the other and making sure you don’t make a mistake, disaster waiting to happen!
Also their’s the practiccality, your having to hold the phone up to your ear in one hand, the headphones balancing on your head, trying to cursor over each letter with the other hand whilst your phone hand is bent up to your ear, uncomfortable!

Imagine the comfort and simplicity of copying an iban from a document, and pasting straight into a webform field, using a full size computer keyboard, and being able to send your international transfer, free of charge. I don’t know any other bank who allows transfers overseas to be free to loads of countries around the world, apart from investec, and their min spend and balance requirements mean that ordinary people wont be able to get the account.

I really hope I can get other users on board with this and push revolut into making a web interface to their consumer system, as apart from this, their service is great, support has been excellent via facebook, very helpful and understanding and the exchange rates although not exactly interbank rates, as far as the mastercard rate goes, are still excellent!


In the meantime I don’t know if this is of help as I’m a Linux/Android user but it seems there’s an app called Share Clipboard for iPhone that may be able to pass data from your computer clipboard to the phone? Worth a look?

thank you Ned, will certainly give it a look, I use a program called my phone desktop at the moment, and it’s still awquard as it means a lot of switching too and from apps, the iPhone won’t allow apps to directly put stuff on the clipboard I don’t think so youve got to go back and forth to get the info, but my phone desktop hasnt been updated in years and won’t be compatible with IOS 11, so thank you for the tip hopefully this new app will see me through till revolut get a web interface sorted out

Please see the thread linked.


Bump, I really want to see a web ui for revolut


It’s not a web UI, but I made a R Emergency, an open source desktop app that can do very basic things like list transactions and freeze cards so that we can have some kind of limited access from a computer :slight_smile:


Thanks, this is really good and useful! :blush:

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Since :r: is not related to this how people can trust 3rd party app, for not leaking accounts?

Since it is open source and you can run it from the sources (explained in the readme), there is no trust issue :slight_smile:


C’mon cut those open source guys some slack. :upside_down_face: