We got a banking licence 🎉

Correct me, if I am wrong, but with a legacy bank, you at least always know, that which country and legislation is your money. With Pan-European neo banks the thing gets more complicated. End of the day Revolut will decide which country they store legally your money. Now in UK, any day can tell you Lithuania. And as the N26 example shows, they can tell you, it is where your address is. This will be a great source of confusion for Average Joe. Just take, that Lithuanian banking license achieved, but not in use yet confuses the hell out of people. Always hear arguments, that “it is a bank, has a license” or “no, it is not a bank”. Common folk have no idea and can’t follow.

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You are Bulgarian? You don’t use the Euro, do you?

If you’re using the Euro explain to your bank that it’s literally criminal to charge you more than the local rate in the currency of Euro.

If they charge you regardless take it to your local financial ombudsman who will kick your local bank in the ass.

Also you can directly report IBAN discrimination to your local EU reporting body.

We can’t account for locals breaking the law - we have to report them and wait for things to change. Otherwise, nothing changes.

No EUR yet, BGN (which is leading to expensive SWIFT).

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Are you not able to top-up by credit card?

Who, me? Why credit card?

he is just trying to suggest an alternative to revolut’s failures within revolut’s current capabilities.

proper solution is to provide local top up accounts on every supported country, but revolut can’t be bothered.

I agree, they should support local top-ups through bank transfers.

I do think debit/credit cards isn’t a bad stopgap until then though

As for saying credit card - apologies but :cold_sweat: American girlfriend everything is a credit card now

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Fantastic @AndreasK! Great achievement for a great company! :tada:

Hope they are now finally able to turn revolut into bank we can rely on as our primary bank. At the moment my prepaid cards are sometimes not accepted.

According to info in local Baltic media, this person will be new bank’s boss: https://lt.linkedin.com/in/virgilijus-mirkes-869a643
^ previously he worked 15 years in SEB bank.

According to info in media, Revolut currently is recruiting team for its bank operations.


Are you guys expecting to launch Bulgarian IBANs? At the moment I wanted to give my IBAN for payments from employer and they refused to accept it, as it is a foreign account.

How can I deal with this situation?

Probably not in near future. In EU the employer cannot refuse iban when it is from EU it is i think a rule. But since they or you have to pay the expensive SWIFT :joy: i understand it completely.

This only applies to EUR (and SEK) payments

Bulgarian Lev isn’t covered unfortunately

EURO transfers are made by SEPA transfer not SWIFT. Allso paysend make SEPA transfers for free…

any news about revolut bank ?

Latest news I can find in local latvian online media (september 19, 2019) says that board of directors has been completed and bank is “in the final stages of operating under a European Union (EU) electronic money institution and banking license in Lithuania. This will allow the provision of services to Lithuanian customers and the continuity of services in the EU should the UK leave the EU without an agreement.”

Also they say in article that Revolut bank already has 62 employees in Lithuania.

Article here (in latvian):


Congratulations. However I have been 3 days trying to get someone to answer me the chat. Being a premium member and no one seems to care about…

Try to type : live agent
Thats to get past Rita bot :wink:


Congratulation Revolut:100::100: !!!

That’s probably they quite busy at the moment