We got a banking licence 🎉

Well done Revolut - great news.

Sorry about the three congratulatory posts. I’ve just got approval status. :grinning:

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yay bravo :slight_smile:

What’s more, polish IBAN local accounts just arrived in the app. Nice :r:

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I dont have a local Polish account in the app, are you sure this isn’t a beta?

Under EU law we’re allowed access to accounts in the other countries though. So I should be allowed a PLN local account in case I exercise my right to move, no?

That’s also why I suggested it could be a beta

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Congratulations to all involved. Great achievement!

Hi! Congrats for that!
I have a doubt: I have to fill a form to let know The Spanish Exchequer the accounts and money in foreign countries. If Revolut has got a banking licence, then, will Revolut send all the customers many information about personal movements, bank balance, etc.? In my country the information provided to Exchequer has to be extremely accurate, otherwise, the fines are enormous and disproportionate.
Thanks a lot!

I certainly can’t use this as my main account until debit cards are offered.


Are you doing any equity funding rounds (incl a crowdfunding portion :smile::smile:) to increase cash reserves? It would be fantastic to own shares in Revolut especially given I missed the round on both Crowdcube and Seedrs a few years ago.


I also have to wait to use Revolut aß Main-Account (for every day using), until a Real debit card is available.

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What is the difference if you had a debit card? Would work the same way, no?

No, real debit cards allow offline transactions and that sometimes is crucial when you are travelling.
The main issue with prepaid card is that they are less trusted by vendors (one reason for that is money-laundering) because they are easier to obtain than real debit cards. Therefore, there are companies that refuse payment by prepaid cards.


I haven’t thought about offline transactions. Good point!

There are companies, that don’t accept prepaid cards.
They only accept Credit or debit.
Especially car rental or hotels.

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Not an expert in the topic, but if you are referring to the Model 720 you probably have to declare it. Wht I don’t know is if you have to declare that you have it in Revolut or in the partner bank which can be Barclays or Lloyds https://www.revolut.com/help/more/security/is-my-money-safe

This is the reason why the Short code is changing? I think that is a bit strange that none is talking about that… maybe I’m been victim of scam. But checking the number with directions anything is related and I’m start to think that is not normal… Could you tell me a bit more about why the short codes are going to change on May and if is going to be safe like was until now (change the bank address or what is going to happen?)

Are you talking about the GBP account details, @Freedom

The account number and sort codes will be changing because Revolut is changing banking partner. They do have a European Banking Licence but this isn’t being used in the UK so for now they are still holding all funds in a client account at a registered bank.

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Absolute bull and scaremongering in general. He’s Russian, of course he has links to Russia, it doesn’t take a genius to work this out.

He’s spoken about Revolut on Russian television in Russian. Regardless, I’m sure Lithuania have already done all the due diligence required before granting them a banking licence.

Revolut has spent a long time and a lot of money to have this done, if they get it removed for something silly I can assure you the Lithuanian authority that revokes it will not have a fun time in court.

Also, why would they risk their entire company on kremlin links? Why should the guy be responsible for his father also, surely they are different people?

Tl;dr Lithuania is being stupid.


I agree with you, one always has connection to one’s own country, because family/friends live there.
you shouldn’t pay attention to your origin anyway.