"We are looking into your account now and will get back to you shortly"



I used the app for a while now and didn’t get any trouble but since yesterday (after I tried to add a new credit card) Everytime I try to use the app I am redirected on a single page with this message : “We are looking into your account now and will get back to you shortly”. There is a link at the bottom of the page to use the chat but when I clic on it the chat box only appears for a few second (after I am redirected again on the “error” message) and even if I would not be redirected the input field to chat has just disappeared so I cannot write anything.

Someone can help me with this ?

Thanks !


Hello @plopsteph,

Thank you for letting us know. The tech team is looking into it. Let keep in touch via a direct message please.


Andreas K.


Hello Andres! I had yesterday a similar problem.

I have a UK account but I prefer to use the Revolut Card, honestly. Yesterday, I tried to withdrawl ike 400 pounds aproximately and I got my account blocked. I could not pay the rent of my flat yesterday and I am having some problems with this. I made the verification with my last pop-up code and a credit card scan… I try to get a feedback since yesterday but, other than that, I just have 10 pounds in my wallet now and I still have my credit card blocked waiting for feedbacks. Maybe you are very busy, I can understand you but I started to try to solve it like 24h before, researching on different Faqs in your website, and sending photos by the chat (ID, Revolut credit card, and the ones I used for top-up, a selfie with my ID…).
I appreciate so much you have blocked my credit card because of security reasons but this is now annoying.

Anyway, I would like to thank you in advance for your time, and sorry for for disturbing.


Apologies for the delay. As I can see your account is unlocked.


Hi I have the same problem with my account. Tried to do a transfer and it’s now blocked