We are looking into your account now and will get back to you shortly


After entering my pin , the app screen says ‘Please help us keep your account safe. We are looking into your account now and will get back to you shortly’ .I tried to message the support team but the chat doesn’t allow me to send the message ?

This problem occurs after a manual validation of my account.

I wait for your reply as soon as possible!

Thank you.


the same thing happened to me. There is a bug in the app not allowing users to initiate the chat. Try to tap the chat button 10-15 times and you should eventually be able to get to the chat screen and contact support.

I have reported this to Revolut.


Hello Expatier,

I can see the chat screen sometimes but I can’t write anything!


I know this problem. Tap quickly on the “chat with support” on the blue screen until you get the access to chat screen, then quickly change to “profile” tab and then go back to chat function and the space for typing will appear :slight_smile:


You just have to be very quick, otherwise the blue security screen will appear. I have done this today, sometimes it takes 10-15 taps until you get to the chat screen



When you get to this part, quickly tap on the “profile” tab (the little guy which is the last icon) or the “cards” tab. The goal is to switch to another screen and then back to chat.


Now I get this message


But did you manage to write a message now?


Yes but i see a red exclamation mark… I dont know what it means…


I will kindly ask Andreas from Revolut to help you here, but he will probably reply only tomorrow.

Hello, @AndreasK, this lad seems to have the same problem as I had today with the locked account and the app bug which won’t let him get in touch with support. Could you send him a private message and unblock his account? Thanks!


I cannot send him a message…
How you manage to send him?


I have this exact issue since signing up to Revolut only yesterday. Tapping quickly does not work for me - always returns to the “We are looking into your account page” - effectively locked out. This is frustrating as your are effectively prevented from contacting Revolut to report the issue!


It did work for me…tapping quickly some 10-15 times in a row which would didable the security screen for a minute or so and give me time to write a message


Tap on Andreas’ name and you will be offered to send him a private message


I have contacted you both of you via a direct message.

Thank you @expatier :wink:


I’m having the same problem, my account has been frozen with this message since last week. :frowning:


@AndreasK I have the same.problem, can you please help me?


Sure! I will get back to you via direct message.


Please let me apologise for any inconvenience caused. I’ll send you a direct message so we can solve this ASAP.