Watermarking IDs - verification problem

Dear Revolut Team,

I am struggling with ID verification process. I’ve already uploaded my driving licence 5 times, but it was not accepted.

The problem is that due to security concerns I cannot upload clean photo of my IDs.

I am each time attaching small paper card to my driving licence with “Revolut 18/07/18” to have it “watermarked” but the support is constantly rejecting it no matter if the paper card does not cover photo or any important information.

My question is simple - how can I watermark my ID so that it is accepted and verification process can be finished?

Thank you for help,

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You do the same with every financial institution, bank, governmental institution, airlines, etc? :thinking:

You cannot watermark an ID. You just simply can’t, legally.

You can, you dont want to.

What do you expect that watermark to achieve?

What you could potentially do is look into some sort of invisible watermarks which are not immediately visible. That should be accepted by Revolut but its questionable how traceable that will be.

Do you have the same requirement when it comes to retail banks or any other place where they take a copy of your ID?

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Technically - yes, you are right :slight_smile: I do not want. And this is in-line with what all security experts say.

Yes, I have exactly the same requirements for banks and never had any issues with watermarking IDs. What is more - Polish government have even issued official information about not sending through Internet not watermarked documents. This is due to so many frauds we currently see in the world…

Watermark is for securing that particular copy is useless in case of any security issue. If anyone tries to use watermarked document with information for example “for revolut 18/07/2018” every bank will reject such document. Of course the sign can be removed, but it is hard to do this without proper skills so that there are no traces of any editing software and so on…

What is more, GDPR says that Revolut can ask about only data that is “required” for their services. I cannot find reasonable justification for what is my height or eye color needed for. And not allowing registration to users not willing to reveal unwatermarked ID would sound to me a little like discrimination, as there is no law that says I have to send my unwatermarked ID thorugh Internet.

So my question is still actual. How to confirm ID without sending unwatermarked document.

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I would also like to see Revolut accept watermarked ID documents. Sooner or later, files leak and if they are not watermarked they can be easily used for illicit purposes en masse.