Watch out they are not honest


Just wanted to post on here to warn you all about a downside of Revolut, they dont support MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa, they DO NOT PUBLICISE this and only tell you once you have exchanged money and are having issue’s. To compond this lack of support they also don’t compensate you if you exchange straight back as its a different rate.

This will probobally leave you out of pocket. I’m moving all my services over to a different provider that supports this feature. The lack of support means that although they claim online payments in reality this prob will never work as most online retailers require SecureCode or Verified by VISA on the first transaction at least.

Support also leave you waiting for 5-6 mins per message so it has taken me 30 mins to be told that they arent going to help.

Just thought i’d post this up to warn potential customers so they have aqequate warning.

Revolut needless to say im EXTREEMLY unhappy with your service. You are not a good company. I’m glad my loss was only £3.50 not more.


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Can you point out where they advertised that? If not, in what way where they not honest? People should maybe read just a bit about the service they are transferring their millions to :wink:


no problem, i hope it helped you


On the main page of the website ( and similarly in the app settings) they say

Next generation security

Immediately freeze or unfreeze your card in the app if it’s been misplaced, lost or stolen. Add further control by turning online, ATM and contactless payments on or off.

That statement implies payment online is supported.

What they should be saying and have an FAQ article on is the fact that most online transactions these days require 3d Secure Payments. They do not so you will find it hard to actually use the card online for anything. Thats what makes them dishonest. They basically dont support online payments in 90% of circumstances at best although they advertise the fact they do without any limiting statements.

BTW no need for the sarcasm, i lost £3.50 on transfering and I didnt transfer millions in to the app. I won’t miss the money, its the principle. I am fed up of financial institutions not making good on thier promises. This also isnt the first issue I have had with Revolut. I was simply posting to warn potential users as they dont deem it necesary information to share with potential clients.


Well, they do support online transactions. Whether they support additional security standards is a different issue, and I agree they might want to state limitiations more clearly, but calling them dishonest is still a “slight” exaggeration. Also, the 90% might be a bit of an overestimate.

This was not necessarily in your direction but rather a general statement about this type of complaints. There is no justification for you losing money though. How did this happen?

I agree and it is not about the amount, your funds are yours.

I agree here too, my criticism was about your general statement. There have been quite a few people lately who made similar statements and immediately yelled scam and fraud, only for it to turn out they themselves are responsible for parts of their issues. I am not saying this necessarily applies to your case, but that I’d be careful with general statements.

My question from above still stands. How did you lose 3.5? Did I understand that right that it was from differences in exchange rates? May I ask why you exchange it in the first place?


Fair enough and appreciate the clarification to me and the wider audience.

I lost 3.50 by transfering to USD to pay for something in USD, trying to pay in USD online and then back to GBP to send it back to my bank account as they don’t support 3ds and the payment was refused.

I contacted support and asked them to credit me the difference or reverse the exchange and they refused as well. They blamed every other party in the chain as well during the support session until i told them i contact the payment provider and they said it was a 3d secure issue. That was dishonest as the agent could have offered the reason ‘maybe its because we dont support 3d Secure’ but he /she didnt they just blamed everything else until i told them what the issue was. He also spent 11 mins ‘checking the card system’ not telling me anything. I nearlly left the chat session it took so long without any interaction / confirmation he was working on it.

Saying you support online payments without stating you dont support 3d Secure at least in the UK is basically not supporting online payments and for that reason i feel that saying they ‘support online payments’ without the supporting ‘but not 3ds’ is dishonest. Its almost one and the same these days.


Thanks for the confirmation, I originally understood it as you lost it during the failed transaction. Exchanging money back and forth is always a risk. I am sorry that you did lose that amount but this is not exactly connected to the failed payment itself. That is generally the basic idea of Revolut.

Also, why did you exchange it in the first place? You could have simply paid the amount and it would have taken it from the GBP funds anyhow.

Fair enough and I’d agree with you, it is somewhat of a difference perspective though. I thought you were referring to Revolut as being dishonest because they do not support certain security measures, but you seem to have referred to their agent’s attitude. Assuming you were given all these excuses I’d agree that this would leave a bad impression - not that I wouldnt be used to support fairy tales from all sorts of companies, though thats not an excuse for Revolut.


Agreeing with this guy. Not supporting 3d secure sucks. There are many things that I cannot pay.