Was not in a queue but now I am?! Canada


Hi- I downloaded the Revolut app after seeing an article about Canadian launch. I got all the way through on the app to an area where it was asking for my SIN number. I had to stop there because I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head. I opened the app again a couple days later when I had found my SIN number, only to be shown a screen that I am now 2,839 in a queue?!

I was not in any queue before, so this is frustrating. Why was I suddenly put in a queue?

Nonetheless, I still want a card, so I had my aunt sign up with my link, but that did not bump me up. It has been days now and I do not seem to be going up the line at all- it has been stuck at the same number. Help!


:r: is not in Canada as of right now, but it is taking pre-registrations for North America and East Asia.