Warning if a bank transfer is not OK


To test transfert to a china bank, I made a few days ago a transfert to a china bank (5 Euros) without fee ( swift transfer) . Today I do not know the result of the transfer. In case of problem, is there a message warning to inform me?


Hello @Myabee,

As I can see that the transfer has been reverted back.

The most common reasons for returned funds are:

  • the beneficiary’s account has been closed

  • the beneficiary’s account number is incorrect

  • the beneficiary’s name does not match the account number


Andreas K

Hello Andreas,

Exact I receive a refund from Bank Of China.
For Chenese account is the order firts name last name to be considered?

When i use my french bank, i have choice with 2 options : fee to my charge or shared fees.
With revolut fees are not shared and perhaps Bank of china does not accept the transfer?

Thank you for your quick answer.

Hello Andreas,

I modified account name by inversing last name first name and I will try another transfer bank to china account. What do you think about this idea?

Thanks Bye

Hi @Myabee,

I would advise you to double check the account details with your bank.

Is the account still active? Are the beneficiary’s account number & name correct?


Andreas K.

Hi Andreas

My chinese family members in China ( I am french married to a chinese woman) will check the account number and name. I think the name order Last name followed by first name is important in China. I made a new transfer of 3 euros modifing the order last name first name. The first transfer was to XIU HUA LU as LU is also a first name in China I made a new transfer to LU XIU HUA.

Thank you Enjoy Revolut !

Great. Please keep me posted!

Hello, how it went with your transfer to China? What was the fee, becouse noone at support cant tell that.