Warning: 3-month "free trial" is not free to downgrade


I signed up for at 3-month free trial through an in-app offer. I expected that I could leave this free trial for free at any point (like any other free trial ever offered on this planet).

However, when trying to downgrade, I am now being told to pay a termination fee. I immediately wrote to the customer support and told them I was appalled by this unethical business practice.

They then go on and tell me the trial was only for one month and that I did not cancel in time (although it clearly states otherwise on my account page).

So this should serve as a warning to any other Revolut user to buy into Revolut’s unethical business practices. Free does not mean free at Revolut. We already know this with the metal card that also shows as “free” in the app. In Denmark, at least, advertising something as free must be completely cost-free.


Hi there,

I used the trial, which expires tomorrow…

I tried to downgrade, but they ask me to pay €26.98 for the card request, which I have never requested.

The support team, as usual, doesn’t respond.

At this point, I’m thinking of closing all relations with Revolut… this is not correct.


Same for me, this is totally inacceptable, I checked in the terms and conditions when I survive to the premium trial and nothing in it…


I’ve seen you’ve deleted a post, did they refund you about it? Thanks

I just posted something incorrect and deleted the post, but yes when the in-app support got back to me they were able to refund me. Although it took some time and an escalation to a higher-up tier.

However, as another user writes, it is totally unacceptable that this happens in the first place.


Hi, this just happened to me and no one is replying in the chat!


These are not things that build user trust.


My problem has already been solved by the suport team through the app. It took them a while to answer, but when they did, Kassandra was truly efficient. Than you.


Personally, I had the 3-month premium offer and I have been able to cancel it without paying any fees a couple of days before its expiration date.