WARNING - $1,400 lost by Revolut

I decided to use Revolut to make international transfers to our holiday provider. I set up the payee and initially transferred a small amount to ensure all details were correct and the transfer was successful. I then proceeded to transfer the remainder of the deposit $1,400 which has now been missing for over 2 months. I have been in constant contact with Revolut nearly every day and the beneficiary bank to try and resolve this issue. Revolut have continued to put the blame on their ‘3rd party partners’ and are not making any effort to retrieve our funds despite the mistake being on Revolut’s end. I don’t feel any comfort that Revolut is working to return my money to me. At this point it is looking likely that I will miss out on my holiday including the deposit we have paid as there is no sign of me receiving my money back soon if at all.


Raise an official complaint with :r: , if they don’t honor your complaint or you are not satisfied with the reply, proceed to : http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/consumer/complaints.htm

I hope you get hasty resolution to your query

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Thanks. Official complaint made to Revolut a number of weeks ago. They did a lovely job of writing out exactly what has happened before saying something about third party partners being at fault (again) and saying they’ll continue to investigate. No update since then.
Ombudsman now my only option.

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Hey @Jodiewilliams :slight_smile:

Do not hesitate to ask the Financial Ombudsman whenever you feel you’ve run out of options. That’s fortunately your (our) right as consumers :sunny:

However, consider that they give :r: (or any other entity) a period of up to 8 weeks to give you a final answer and might refuse to act at all before that time has elapsed :wink:

Hi Jodie.

Really sorry to hear that. Please accept our apologies, definitely not the kind of service we strive to provide.

This transfer was sent via SWIFT, which involves intermediary banks as well sender and beneficiary. Unfortunately, this takes longer to resolve as all the involved parties need to collaborate.

As I can see from our communication with our payment processor the funds seem to be with the beneficiary bank which sadly is not responding to our payment processor.

Here at Revolut, we do and we will continue to do whatever is possible to help you get your funds back.