Waiting over 2 days on Support "chat"


I’ve a chat open for 2 days now - support is “online” but I have heard nothing back - is this normal?


I’ve got the same problem. I don’t think there’s anyone there! It’s very annoying. Please let me know if you find a way to contact them


Hey @_j0hn y hola @irenemona :slight_smile:

That’s not normal. You can either try typing “Resolved” in the chat to see if that makes it work again. If it doesn’t, it might be caused by an overwhelming amount of requests. You’ll be able to find alternative contact methods here:

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But the issue is not resolved - its far from resolved :slight_smile:

I’ve put in further commends to the “chat” (more like soliloquy) to see if that solicits a reponse…

But seriously - if they want to be “beyond banking” they should provide support. Right now it looks like they are beyond caring


Hi @_j0hn, in the link that @Juliopp gave us it says this:

Consider upgrading to Premium
Revolut Premium offers 24/7 priority support, and includes one free trial month (as long as you do not order a Premium card). This might be an option to consider if you are in need of urgent help.
The trial can be easily cancelled through the in-app support chat within the trial month

I think I’m going to try this and see if I can finally get the support. What do you think?


thanks for the advice, but I don’t want to go deeper into the void … Knowing my luck I’d probably have “technical issues” cancelling premium and get stuck forever paying them …

They are seriously trying to sell themselves as a banking service, but I can’t remember the last time that Barclays kept me on hold for over 2 days.


You are right. Also, I haven’t seen this free trial… I don’t really kmow what else we can do… They are reviewing my documents 48 hours so I’m still without an account number. It’s very annoying!!

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