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Hello, I want to explain my situation and find out if this is normal. I registered my company with Revolut Business the same day or Revolut opened the registrations for the Business account in June. In June I am in the position of more than 300 people in front of me after, in July, I have more than 400 people in front of me in August less than 400 and now more than 400, I made a conversation with Olga and she ’ Said that this is normal because some customers want to move faster so ask for the upgrade, which is why my level goes up and down all the time. Now, with this situation, I imagine that it is possible to wait very long with this system, is this normal?

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But you can skip if 2 other companies you invite register also join
Or upgrade to enterprise

Hi @antibes06 so sorry for this so far! Despite the fact that some companies can be ‘bumped’ up on the waiting list, we have put your company on our Priority onboarding so your company will be onboarded as if you were on the top of the list. Looking forward to seeing you onboard soon!

So basically, you can jump the queue by adding to it. LOL! This is such a crappy dishonest company. They give you a number in line and instead of shrinking over time it grows higher and higher. Why would anybody want to pay them to jump the queue when they lack the competency and capacity to server their existing customers?

What an ill-conceived plan to let people skip the queue by adding others to it. A royal screwing for those that signed up first that don’t want to just hand over more money.

Transferwise is not really good platform as alternative for banking either but at least it is free to signup and you can do it quickly.

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