Waiting list USA how long?

I just applied for my USA Revolut card. I see I am 14000 on the waiting list. Does anyone have an idea about how long that might be?

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I can say it is very long. Revolut already informed that due to overwhelming response, they put all on waiting list on hold.

I do not exactly understand your message. Being on the waiting list literally means that you are on hold. Do you mean “frozen” with no movement possible?

May not be forzen. But will take longer than usual moving speed.

What is the “usual moving speed”?

soon™ :sweat_smile:



Come on, peeps. Yes, smart replies are fun, but any experiential data?

Until recently, it was quicker i.e. within a couple of days your account could be set up. Now it seems weeks… Also, earlier it took more than 2 weeks to get debit card. Now I can imagine it may take months

Friends and fellow Revoluters. I just opened the app and saw I had gone from 14000 to 0 on the waiting list! What!!!
So I logged in and took the required registration photos and ordered the card, supposedly arriving 30th March.
The only thing I can think of is that I was a card carrying Revolut member until yesterday, for about 5 years when I lived in Europe, applied for the USA one after cancelling the European card,…so perhaps they knew and trusted me, moved me up quickly? no idea.

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Wow!! that’s a kind of helluva jump!! When did you apply for Revolut account?

about 12 hours ago. I was 14,447… i looked this morning and it was 14,446 and I was like wtf… an hour later it was 14,443, so I calculated that at that speed it would take a few years. Then just for laughs i checked again and it said 0. I proceeded to take photos etc and register.
I’m a complete noob when it comes to the USA Revolut card. It appears to have many less features than the Euro one. I can only top up with a debit card? And not from a bank account directly? And not from a debit card from a European bank? Not from a credit card? These are all features on the Euro card Lots of restrictions which I hope disappear over time.

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that’s awesome that Revolut bumped you up the list in hours. Hope they will be able to clear the list quickly. Not sure what more features available in Europe. I see Revolut kind of full featured app right from the beginning though they keep adding features. Assume you don’t have local bank account to make any bank transfer. I love Revolut for their instant notifications, budgeting, quick transfer out to other banks, virtual card, etc.

i’m using my USA debit cards on USA banks, but I wish it would top up from europe banks as well. The app said this feature was “coming soon” . Revolut is brilliant

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