Waiting list to join in US?

I’ve been using Revolut very satisfactory in the UK and the rest of the EU. When I saw that Revolut is also launching in the US, I told my sister who lives there to join too. She will be visiting Europe in a few weeks, so it would be perfect for that.
She joined on the 9th of July, so 11 days ago, but the app only shows a screen saying that she is on the list and that there are 42108 people ahead of her. At this rate it doesn’t look like she might be able to use it before she comes to Europe.

I guess my questions are:
Is it correct that there is a waiting list? There wasn’t any list when I joined in the UK, I could just use it straight away.
Is it fully launched yet in the US?

Is not yet launched in the US… the waiting list is for the moment when it will be launched.

Does your sister has European/ EEA citizenship? She might be able to apply while in Europe but is complicated with the address.

It is not about the citizenship, it is about the residency. She is not eligible for it as she lives in the US.

My sister has neither European nationality nor residency, so I guess it’s just a no for now then.
I thought I had seen announcements that it had rolled out in the US already. Is there a timeline for when it is planned to be functional? She’ll be over end of August.

You can temporarily live somewhere and maintain your main residency.

Or even maintain your citizenship original residency at all as permanent resident somewhere else (in Romania for example, you have to request to obtain the citizen living abroad passport - and give up the residency ID -, but you can have the normal passport and the ID and permanent residency somewhere else.

You can, but here this didnt seem to be the case, and is not the case.

I am not familiar with Romanian law in this regard, but I’d be surprised if you could keep a residency status if you live abroad. Would you pay your taxes in Romania as well? Same for healthcare. You’d be allowed to participate on all political levels, even though you dont even live in the country, etc.

Most of Romanians abroad lives like this because is much easier to deal with an ID when returning to the country if you have properties.
Yes, you have to pay some taxes, but not much.

But I don’t know how to pay them and they have an ancient offline system which I hate and new laws so I’m about to give up my ID and move my fiscal residency in Belgium or France :joy:

I am not saying people dont do it, I question its legality :wink: