Waiting list since 5th of March !!!


Hey guys,
I create an account few weeks ago and I still on the waiting list at the same position.
Any idea?


If you sent your docs for verification and are still penting go to support chat, type “live agent” and wait till someone get in contact with you. Explain him what happens.


Hey Vincent where are you from? Also did you use a EU number to signup ?


Hi Vincent. Where are you based?


Hi AndreaK,
I am from France but I am actually in NZ, so I sign up with my kiwi number.


You will need an EEA phone number and address I’m afraid. Non EEA residents are currently on a waiting list until our services be available in their country.


Hi AndreasK,
Thanks for the answer, how can I change my information then?
It is possible to add a warning message if the number or the adress are not from a country where the service is not available yet?


This option is there as our users can change their phone numbers while they’re travelling.

Are you able to send me a direct message?


Hi andeas,
How can i send you a direct message?
Have a good day.