Waiting List Discrepancy

When we signed up we were in the first 100 of applications being processed (when Revolut for Business was first announced) I appreciate that people upgrade to skip the queue or refer companies to join, so when we moved down to 320 in August I understood why, I was hopeful when we were back down to 120 in line last month, so you can imagine how disheartened I am when I logged in today to see we are now 713 in the queue!

What is the cause of such a big jump?

Just logged in to see that we are 716 now :grimacing:


731… :sweat_smile:

I’m 739…

I was able to open a personal account within a day (Revolut barely makes any money on personal accounts) yet I’ve been waiting for more than a week for a business account. Having worked in financial services, I get that KYC-ing business accounts is a slower process, but this is really bleak.


Thanks for getting in touch - as per my other message, we have been overwhelmed with the response to the product and are trying to onboard customers as quickly as possible.

Rest assured we are working hard to get you signed-up soon.


Then why not put new sign-ups on hold until you figure out how to scale? No one reasonable is going to be happy about waiting months to sign up. The experience today is so poor that you are bound to lose almost everyone in the funnel today. I’ve already signed up with your competitor as a hedge. The status quo isn’t sustainable.