Waiting list - change address?

Hello, I have the same problem I would like to change my address can someone help?

Hi, I have the same problem can someone help me change the address or restart the sign in process, thank you

anon33247966 (AndreasK) is a former staff member of Revolut that isn’t active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised (“anon”).

Since this is a user community there is no Revolut support here.

So I recommend to everyone writing to feedback@revolut.com, there you will have to explain your situation, give your phone number and wait. The next morning of writing I could already change my country of residence.
Good luck everybody

Hi there,

I am a spaniard living in Ghana. Used my Ghanaian address to sign up and was put in the waiting list. I would like to reset my registration details and use my Spanish addreS to set up an account.

Is there any chance you could help.me out? Currently in a waiting list!!!


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Hi everyone quick question i’ve been seeing a message that i’m position#-1 in the waiting list, people on FB chat told me that i made the cut an that i will be receiving a link to proceed with the sign up process any time soon, i haven’t received any email (including junk folder) and it’s been 3 weeks, what will be the best time frame i can spect to be able to finish the sign in process.

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Thank You Poelie formyour reply, Pura Vida :v:

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Hi, I have the same issue. Can I change the address for my account that is on the waiting list?

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i have the same issue, i put hong kong as address but im italian. Is it possible to change it?

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Hi all,
Same problem for me, a french girl working in canada.
Registered with a FR mobile and a canadian address.
Is it possible to reset my account with a combination of FR mobile + FR address?
Many thanks,

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Hi Dear i have account request from you in Serbia,but now im moved in Hungary and here no waiting list,but i can not register.i don’t have a permanent account i’m just on a waiting list in Serbia.

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this is the answer,its okay but when i oppening the app just waiting list here,no more! no profile no support nothing,im 7777. in waiting list in serbia but im now in hungary and i live here.

Hi there!

Thank you for contacting Revolut. Please remember that this is a feedback-only channel. Apologies, we will not be able to reply to your query. Please try reaching out to us via the app which is our official support channel

You are contacting a former Revolut employee, who is not active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised. This is a user community there is no Revolut support here.

In my linked topic there are several ways mentioned, other than email and through the app, to contact Revolut support.

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