Waiting list - change address?

Hi @anon33247966 , I just encountered the same problem. Can you please take me out from the waiting list so I can make a new application with UK address?

Dear @anon33247966 I signed up for a revolut account today but I placed my UAE address that I am currently visiting at by accident. I have an EEA passport and Resident Permit Identity Card.

Please can you help me to change my address to my actual EEA address so I can register for the app and service.

Please let me know how I can message you and what details you require to facilitate this.

I would like to use your services as soon as possible so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same issue and couldn’t seem to fix myself, I made an account in Canada moved to Ireland recently, cant access anything when I log in because it’s not available in Canada yet! Please help Revolut! thank you.

Please, everyone:


Hi! I was wondering if you could help me cancel my application because of how big the waiting list was and I do not know how to remove my application since the app on my phone is stuck on the waiting list. I am moving to Spain and I will want to open the account with my new address of residence.

Thanks in advance!

You’re trying to contact someone who’s no longer working for Revolut. I suggest to follow the recommendations for contacting support in this thread.

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Hi I made a bit of a mess of trying to open an account… how can I cancel the account and start afresh??


I have the same issue. Lived in New Zealand for a year and tried to sign up but I’m on a waiting list there. Now I’m back home in Germany and the app doesn’t let me sign up. Can someone help me to delete my NZ application?

Hi, I have the same problem as well, could you please cancel my account so I could redo my application?
Thank you

Hi, similar problem here. I registered my Spanish number but wrongly I set the country to United Arab Emirates. Now it says I need to wait and I need to reset it to use Spain as well. how can I do it?

Hi @anon33247966 could you also help me with the same issue? I would like to change my Brazil address to my UK address. Thanks in advance

Hi @anon33247966 I am having the same issue. I want to sign up with my British address. Please help!


I have exactly the same problem. Could you please cancel the registration in Uae so I can update the address to France.