Waiting list - change address?

Hello Andrea,

I want to ask how can you help me change my address on my revolut app?

Hello @AndreasK ,

I’m in the same case. Currently living in another country and I need to change my address.

Hi I need to change my address to.

Hello gmrocha

If you are residing in the same country as your :r:evolut account is created, you should be able to change your personal address in the app yourself by doing the following steps:

Step One: Log into Revolut app.

Step Two: Go to Dashboard.

Step Three: On Dashboard page, press the gear icon (on the top right).

Step Four: Go to Personal details, you should be able to edit your Address there.

Hope this helps!

I’ve signed with my Br address because I am here now waiting for the Covid19 measures to end. But I want to use it in Portugal .

Hi Roy

The app ask for password and then says that I’m one the waiting list. No way to logout

Hi Andreas,
I am relocating myself from Singapore to France. I have a French passport and a French address. What is the process?