Waiting list - change address?

Hi @AndreasK, can you help me with changing the address as well? I am currently resident in the UK but registered it in Hong Kong where it is not supported by Revolut yet. Thank you!

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I’ll get in touch with you via a direct message.

Hello @AndreasK I am in waiting list, but I don’t understand why because I have a french number, and I live in French. The application don’t let me change anything, could you please do something to solve it ? I have a french passport

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Same issue here! Can you please send me a dm message?

Hi @AndreasK I am looking to change my address as well. I am living in the UK(London) however I signed up for Revolut when in Canada.

I’m a Canadian living in the UK.

Looking forward to your feedback


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Hi Matt. Welcome :slight_smile:

I have sent you a DM so that we can get in touch & resolve this asap!

Hi Andreas, I have a similar problem. I am living in Canada but want to change my address to my Irish address.

HI Andreas, can you please help me change my account details, I put my address in Australia because I didn’t have my French address yet and now I can’t get an account because I can’t change my details and im on a waiting list, can you please help me change this

HI I have the same problem! can you please help me! I want to change it to my French address

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Hi Andreas
I’m having the same problem.
could you please send me a DM, so i can reply to you with the required documents

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Hi Andreas, could you please help me change my address since I’m on the waiting list and cannot fix it my self. I’m Greek with EU passport.

Hi Andreas,

Could you please also send me a DM? I have same issue as above posts regarding waiting list. I would like to close my US account in waiting list and sign up with a french number.



Hi @AndreasK!

I am having this same problem and would like to change my address. I cannot access the direct messaging - would you be able to help.

Thank you!