Waiting for my money since over a month!


I am still extremely disappointed in how Revolut works. After having made a transaction of 500EUR to my Revolut account (which is linked to a wirecard account) over a month ago, I was promised several times over support it will be taken care of. Last time I was promised it will take 3 working days as the team is working on the issue with a high priority. That was 10 working days ago.

It is always me that reaches out to Revolut, support keeps repeating the same hollow promise it will be taken care off and NOTHING concrete happens.

I am extremely disappointed in your bank service and I am not sure if I can ever trust you even if this thing is resolved. To me this is a matter of principle, if a bunch of London start-up hipsters are trying to scam off 500EUR of me I am for sure not going to let that happen.


It seems like that is a very common thing. The in-app support seems to be useless as they are unable to provide answers other than “just wait it will work in a few days”. As a customer you constantly have to deal with technical issues, which makes it a really unreliable banking tool. I have the same issue you have, however I have not been waiting as long as you are, but I think it cannot be the case that we are denied access to our money at all.

No support might be better than a support that provides false information that further hurts a trustful relationship

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