Waiting for monies to be refunded


Waiting since last Thursday Jan 18 for monies to be refunded to my bank account. Support simply won’t reply…


I have now been told that my money has not been returned to my account. Even though they told me it had been! So why did you say this in the first place? Will you respond? Will you return my money as a matter of urgency?


Interesting how there is no way to talk to anyone directly on the phone. Have to wait days for them to respond on chat. I had transferred 2500 euro to my Revolution account on Jan 11. By Jan 18 the money had not arrived. They told me that my limit had been reached and that i would not receive the money until near the end of March! No warning that my limit had been reached! When I asked for the money to be returned they told me on Jan 18 that it had been returned to my account. After chasing them for days they finally informed me yesterday that the money had not been returned. Why would they say title had been. I have now asked again for the money to be returned as a matter of urgency. 2500 euro!!! Will they respond.


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter. Please note a member of our compliance team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.


Same problem here - significant amount of money since Tuesday blocked / pending. No warning or possibility to send back. Uploaded several proof of funds. NO SINGLE response by in app support nor on Facebook since 3 days!! (Despite premium account)
This is simply not acceptable when you only provide one point of contact.


Finally contacted by a support person who has now assured me (again!) that my monies are being reverted and will reach me in 2-5 days. Will see. At the same time he accused me of being uncooperative and not sticking to terms and conditions. What!!! I sent my money to my Revolution account and when it hadn’t reached my account within 5 days I asked them where it was. They told me they couldn’t release it until near the end of March but gave me no warning of this. I was not aware. Come on guys, if you know limits are reached notify us. You’re quite happy to send us nice little requests to ask for your millionth customer. This is basic stuff! Your fx service is great and I have used the card in USA and Europe. I love it! But your support sucks and hiding behind chat with no telephone support sucks even more! I’m not usually a complainer but I am exasperated!!