Waiting for document verification

Waiting for account verification since yesterday. It says 10 mins on website. No response on app support. Why accept money into the app and not out of it? This really is appalling service. I feel like my money is being held hostage and no one will answer me.

this is an automated process. It gets stuck mainly because provided photos aren’t readable. I would make sure the photos are sharp, readable, well lit, unaltered and uncropped and then provide them via in app chat. You can then ask support to verify you manually.

Thanks Frank. I’ve tried contacting on the in app support. No answer.
This system doesn’t work. I’ve passed KYC ID verification numerous times, in seconds. To wait days is ridiculous, and something they should do before trapping my money in their app.
Now I just hang around hoping someone gets back to me? I’m livid.

How do I escalate complaints?

The same here. No response to in-app messages. I already topped up my account.

This is my recommendation:

Providing support all documents necessary to solve your problem without getting back to you again and asking them to verify you manually might speed things up. You can also try to contact them via Facebook / Twitter. It might take some time but verification should be fast once an agent gets to it.

Sure, ID verification isn’t mentioned until you actually want to use your own money!
Any moderators here? Can you escalate this please?

Yes, thanks Frank. Already done all of those.

It’s mentioned in the help center and in the T&C. Also, it would be the first financial e-money institution under UK law that wouldn’t not require to follow KYC regulation.

Have you tried contacting them via social media? This is often faster.

Yeah it’s mentioned as “10mins to an hour”, not days. As I already said, I’ve passed several KYC’s recently for other institutions that have gone through in seconds. There is obviously a problem with Revolut’s system. It is not working, and I’m not the only one.
As for social media, I’ve tweeted at them a few times, no response.

Usually, if everything works smoothly, it is pretty fast. Less than 10 mins for me. As far as I know, they are working with a technology partner that does an automated verification for them. And from many comments here in the forum, I am guessing the most likely reasons for getting stuck in the process are photos that aren’t readable or insufficient, like if the edges of the document are cropped. That is all I know about this.

No one responded. Support now says offline on app. This is the worst experience I’ve had with any financial product/institution. So angry. Looking for ombudsman or other official complaints channels.

Hey @pran :slight_smile:

Support is online 24/7, so this might be a glitch. Try fully closing the app or rebooting your phone.

If you need this to be sped up (it might take up to 96 hours), you might also consider, as suggested by @Frank, reaching :r: through Twitter:

Hi thanks Juliopp,
Yes it does say online now, you’re right!
I have sent several twitter and facebook messages to no avail.

Hey @pran :slight_smile:

Twitter and Facebook are not 24/7. I’d suggest waiting until 12:00 UK time to get an answer. I think you’ll have it by then almost for sure :wink:

Thanks, but “waiting” isn’t really a constructive course of action. I’ve been “waiting” already. I am “waiting” now.
Waiting. Perhaps I’ll try waiting…
What’s happening with my money? Is interest being earned on it? Why can’t I use it?
This seems more and more like a scam.
Are you employed by the company? Why haven’t they got any support staff? Why can’t I get anyone to help me?

No. Under e-money license, the service provider does not have access to customer’s funds.

Nor does the customer!