Waiting CHF payment


I had a payment made by a 3rd party into chf account. It was made on the 28th but still not received. Support have viewed the payment details and advised it can take 5 days and now they are offline for 24h.

I’m new to Revolut and used it because my husband suggested it. But now I’ve read that 3rd party transfers aren’t possible and I’m worried about where the money has gone. How can I get it back?


Yep third-party transfers into pooled IBAN accounts are currently not possible. If you talk to Revolut’s customer support, or @AndreasK on this forum, they can reverse the payment to the sender.

I am confident that personal CHF IBANs will be coming very soon, but at the moment, only UK current accounts (Sort code + account numbers) and personal EUR IBANs are available for the purposes of third-party transfers.


@capital and @AndreasK - A company in the Netherlands made a payment to me (I have a UK account) a week ago and they say it has left their account, but it hasn’t hit my account. I’ve been trying to contact customer support for almost 24 hours and I’m getting no reply. Today a friend send me one euro from his regular bank account to check things are working and I’ve received that, so I don’t know whether this company payment will arrive or not. I’m confused about whether Revolut needs to reverse the payment or if I just need to wait longer. Please advise urgently, thanks.


Third-party Euro transfers work because Revolut customers have personal EUR IBANs.

Third-party CHF transfers don’t work because Revolut only has pooled CHF IBANs at the current time.

Revolut should’ve received the transfer safely. However, the sum will have to revert back to the original sender given how it’s a pooled IBAN.


@capital Thanks for your reply but I don’t understand. Mine is a UK account and the payee is in the Netherlands, i.e. in Euros. Should I wait to receive the money or do I need to instruct @AndreasK to return the payment to the sender?

I’ve been trying to reach customer service via the app for a full 24 hours with literally no response.


I can help! Could you please drop me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Hi @AndreasK , There appears to be no way to send you a direct message. My (very techy!) boyfriend and I are looking at this and trying to understand how to do it. He says it could be because the trust level of my account is “new user”. What do I need to do about this?


I’ll do that for you right now :slight_smile:


hi - I’ve made a payment to the CHF IBAN account and I wasn’t able to enter a reference - how do I trace the payment as it’s not showing on my CHF account on the app? thanks


Hey @si_mon
For now it’s not possible to send money trough CHF IBAN , just because it doesn’t exist yet…
I’m curious what you did then :stuck_out_tongue:


paid it to the IBAN now the money as disappeared into Revolut’s coffers by the looks of it and trying to find someone to support you is painful or impossible.

I should have just paid the CHF/ GBP rate


All sorted. Thumbs up for app support