Waiting a refund from online paiement


Last thursday I created a netflix account with my Revolut card and took the offer: first month for free.
First suprise Netflix took 2€ from my account, so I decide to contact netflix support and finaly it’s only a verification for netflix to see if the card is empty or if there is money on this card. The netflix’s support tell me they took 2€ and the instantly release it on my account.

My question is why I didn’t get back my 2€ on my revolut account ? And if there is a delay for that how much time it is ?
Thank for your help Revolut’s community !


Hey @ODReal :slight_smile:

It’ll be released within 7 days :wink:


Are the two euro marked as pending or complete? I’d assume the former and in that case it only is blocked right now but not withdrawn and will be released once Netflix either releases them actively or the block expires.


Huge thank @Juliopp ! :grinning:
@alessandro actually pending !