Wages in USD and Euros

One company I work for pays me in USD and the other one in Euros. Can I get these wages paid directly to my revolut account in USD and in Euros so I don’t loose anything in conversion fees.
Also I have a bank account in Australia so I guess I can then transfer some of that money from my revolut account to my australian account at no fees?

If the company paying you in euros transfers it from an EU account, they can simply transfer it via SEPA to your Revolut euro account and there shouldnt be any fees.

Dollars is a bit more tricky, as Revolut does not offer accounts in the US yet, so they would have to wire it via SWIFT and that can/will incur charges (unless they choose “OUR” as payment type on their side).

Lastly Australia, that would be yet another SWIFT transfer and would most likely incur fees again.