Vote for Revolut @ European Fintech Awards!

Hi Everyone!

Please go vote for Revolut at the link below.

Winning = Exposure = Positive pressure to perform = Better Product & Service from Revolut!

As part of the Revolut Community, some of us are harsh on this beautiful start-up, but that’s only because we love it, and it’s time to show some love!


I have done it already,but how monese is so upvoted?it has more fees than :r:

It seems the deadline for voting was yesterday or today.

Revolut botched it. Their marketing department should have sent out an e-mail to its users or sent a notification through the app, or even created a sticky notification here on the community page. Instead, they posted it on Facebook yesterday with a few hours left. Absolutely ridiculous marketing team.

The voting started in June!

That’s probably how Monese got voted up.