Visibility of Card Details


With the new premium cards I am unable to see my card details whilst in the app due to the silver card being very close to the white text used for the card number and security information . Could this be changers to a black text when the background is light?


I should also say this applies to the black and silver card too. It may well apply to the pink card although I don’t have that one to try…


The premium cards are rather dull in person. The silver one lacks shine and looks somewhat gray not silver.
The one thing evidently missing is a “Premium” tag on the back that would give it some class.
It looks unfinished and cheap to me.


Oh, I disagree. I think they look smart. Very minimalist.
*Proud Black and Silver owner

Anyway I just mean in the app I can’t read the card number on the silver card.


It’s ironic in a way, revolut handing out cards with exactly the same “feature / problem” as the revolut app is having trouble with when it comes to camera scanning the cards for verification…

Karma is a bitch :sunglasses: