VISA X Google Pay Campaign X TfL Perks

Hi Revolut community, we just launched £2.5*3 cashback perks for Transport for London in partnership with Visa and Google Pay. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in this thread.


It’s good and now bring some Perks to other countries as well please!


Yet another perk that I’m unlikely to be able to use as I’m only go London once in every 3-4 years.

You call it perk but there is a misunderstanding with metal perks.
I guess this campaign is addressed to anyone with revolut visa and google pay.

My phone doesn’t support NFC for Google pay. It means I’ll be missing out then :frowning:


today i tried to use Gpay for my transportation on TFL.
So i tapped at Stratford, later when i tried to tap out at Lewisham, the reader keep saying please try again.
So i tapped with my actual physical revolut card.
Probably i will be double charged.
Someone else with the same issue?

That’s great! Though there is a problem with it.

My account shows that I have used 3 out of 3, but I received the reward only twice.

Looking more at my statements I realised what the problem must be. The conductor on DLR did Ticket check as they often do. That created a pending transaction for 0£. I assume Revolut thinks that it gave me 0£ cashback for it and counted this as one of the three rewards. Though, there’s no record of a third reward transaction.

Can this be fixed please?

Hey so, this is all cool and all, only the £2.50 cashback rewards just appear as “pending”. The first one was a few days ago, and I still haven’t gotten the actual payment. How long are the transactions actually going to stay as “pending” ?

My account doesn’t even show me if I’ve used the perk or not (got the notification, have the pending payment in my statement, but perks is not showing up on the app anymore and, as mentioned, the transactions for the rewards are not coming through).

Hi Antoanet! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.
You will receive the actual payment as soon as the transaction will be completed by TfL.