VISA virtual card trouble

I did create a new R virtual card for my lottery websites, including National Lottery.
Noticed it was not accepted anywhere :flushed:

After researching, found an error.
Looks like new VISA has wrong start number, which shows card as “CREDIT” card

In case you want to check you bank card BIN/IIN
Checker :face_with_monocle:

Unless Revolut moved its VISA cards to next IIN level? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Strange. I checked all my cards and all is looking fine. Unfortunately I cannot check a new virtual Visa because in my region new virtual cards are issued as MasterCards.

The card numbers aren’t “wrong”. The merchant most likely relies on outdated data.

Merchants often rely on third party databases and the data isn’t updated in realtime. Also, publicly available BIN databases aren’t reliable because of this.

Visa, unfortunately, doesn’t make its BIN database publicly available.


I noted what you said :ok_hand:. Same time, I don’t need a virtual card which is not acceptable at many places :expressionless:

I have no problems with 4165 **** ones, only with 4633****

I can’t even create virtual cards

Why is that? :flushed:
Which country are you located?

Hi @Remi-1 :wave:

Are you still facing this situation? :eyes:

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Looks like it was sorted within a week or so :grin::+1:

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Glad to hear that!

Enjoy your day :heart:

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