VISA Revolut not working abroad!

Hi all,

I have just landed in London and I am literally stuck at Stansted Airport as my card payments are being declined! I trusted Revolut as my main way of paying here in the UK, but right now I’m nothing but DISAPPOINTED! This is isn’t serious. I’m starting yo regret opening an account with you.

Could PLEASE any agent help me?


Go to in-app chat support, type live agent and describe your problem in details

I have alredy done it @revodrago. The problem is that I am stuck in the airport and it could take hours for an agent to show up. I shouldn’t have trusted Revolut at all.

What ist the error?
Did you check security settings? Is everything activated?

Hi @Laurenz_L. Everything is alright. I didn’t activate any limitations on my card and it’s completely activated. The issue is: PAYMENT DECLINED.

So ATM withdrawals are enabled in the application?

@alessandro, this is what I have got activated and deactivated:

I never heard of such problems. Honestly.
Only thing I know – besides some companies not accepting prepaid – that you need to be careful with Car Rentals as they put a reservation on the card that might be higher than ballance is.

Where did you use it?

Fair enough, that should be correct.

How many transactions failed and where? I presume there are enough funds in your account and it is full verified, right?

I have used it three times:

  • Primark in the country where I am from (Spain) - no problem

  • Costa Coffee at Faro Airport - payment accepted, had my coffee, and declined 3 hours later.

  • WHSMITH at Stansted Airport - payment declined

Yeah, enough funds and card activated with a CHIP transaction (Primark, Spain)

So the card worked back in Spain?

Sorry, only support will be able to tell you whats wrong in this case. How many transactions failed and where did you try them?

The card worked perfectly in Spain. It did work also in Portugal (the transaction was rejected after three hours and I don’t know what’s gonna happen with this issue) and Declined in WHSMITH-Stansted Airport.

Do you owe them money?
Maybe your card has been flagged fraudulent somehow.

So it was only declined once in the UK so far?

Apparently yes! This is unbelievable…

Twice. I tried to buy my stuff using the self service cash and with a staff member afterwards. Both transactions declined, one of them blocked.

At the same shop? Could be shop related then.

Do you reckon that? Alright, I will try in a different shop then, but ai believe is nott the case. I had an issue with a purchase I did this morning in Portugal too!

I have got my receipt to prove that the payment was accepted! How could it be even possible that my card was flagged as fraudulent???