Visa Platinum

I don’t think it’s unlikely. Revolut did start to onboard customers in Australia. And since card schemes are different in every country, it’s very well possible that the card in Australia is indeed a Visa Platinum, where higher interchange fees allow more options for reward programs and additional card services.

Looks like you were right, it says on the card “VISA Platinum” but when I verify the card through visa platinum website it says invalid BIN number :frowning:

Network: Visa
Type: Debit
Brand: Platinum
Prepaid: Yes
Country: Australia

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I wouldn’t read too much into it. If Visa Platinum works similar to Mastercard World Elite, it doesn’t mean that all cards with a certain label work for all options associated with that label.

looks like they still didn’t get the right stickers for the cards :laughing: (Singapore)

Indeed, why a Visa platinum? It’s strange! Can be a montage photo … :thinking:

Thats nothing strange. In Europe our Mastercard cards are also Prepaid Platinum.
Network: Mastercard
Brand: Prepaid Platinum
Type: Debit
Prepaid: Yes

But ofcourse we dont have that “Platinum” sign under Mastercard logo because Mastercard doesnt do it like Visa. Many people are mixing Visa Platinum credit cards with prepaid one…

Ι would like to see visa infinite