Visa Platinum

I contribute to a Facebook group of French :r: customers and one of the members just got a VISA Platinum card.

Is it a printing typo?

I am also really confused because I thought France was MasterCard only :thinking: I have been struggling to get a physical VISA card from Revolut with no success.

The picture the dude shared:


I believe what you get depends on your country of residence, and the agreements revolut has with the local issuers

They seem to exist. However, it’s weird while they are still prepaid.

Can that dude share BIN of that new card?

That’s my point (plus the curiosity about that Platinum thing). This customer and I are both French residents. Why the heck did he get a Visa while the only thing I can order since day one is a MasterCard, either physical or virtual.

WTF he said 527346 (just like my Metal card) and when he added his card to GPay it was detected as a MasterCard.

haha is he trolling us?

Nope, the dude seemed genuinely stressed with that issue in the group. Personally I would have been thrilled to receive such a collector card :rofl:

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What issue? Why would it be a problem?

He thought he was going to be charged by Revolut for a premium account because of that Platinum mention :sweat_smile:

That’s completely weird

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just received my card in France, it is printed Visa Platinum, but in fact it is a Mastercard (just tried it an hour ago)… :disappointed_relieved:


Someone was drunk at the card factory :sweat_smile:


That’s funny. I’m jealous. That’s a very rare card!


If this were a legit Visa Platinum card, what perks would you all be using?

So after all you were right @normcore!
Someone was drunk at the factory. :joy: these cards are very limited and rare edition.

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Indeed personally I would have kept the card with the misprint :shushing_face:

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It’s not a typo, I live in Australia and recently received my Revolut card, it is a VISA Platinum card indeed.

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Can you share your card’s BIN? I think they are trolling us. :smiley: I saw another Visa Platinum card in theirs Instagram story.