Visa or MasterCard


Hi! If I will order plastic card I will receive VISA or MasterCard? Can I choose VISA?


As far as I am aware currently there is no option to choose or influence which card you will get.
But I think Revolut are working on that.



I’m also interested in this option, since I have a mastercard revolut and many places dont accept it in Portugal.

Revolut, will we have the option to choose between VISA and MASTERCARD ? I want to replace my mastercard by a Visa asap.

Two friends of mine from Portugal that I brought to revolut already have VISA.


Hey @revolut,
Just little question… I was told visa was not avaliable in CH but it’s not true eventually. Few weeks ago I created a new account for my wife to get a visa but no possibility to get the choice so she got a Mastercard. And today (1 hour ago) I wanted to create a Mastercard for my parents and they got the choice to get either visa or Maestro, but no mastercard … What’s happening? I’m a bit confused about that… Thanks for feedback.


We’ll be able to choose between them after the 20th of this month most likely, after Revolut becomes its own issuer :slight_smile: