Visa issued by Yorkshire Bank?

Hello Community,

I got an email that I have won something with Visa and Yorkshire Bank. The mentioned transaction was made with my Revolut Visa card.

Are these cards issued by the Yorkshire Bank?

Thanks in advice

Yes. I paid at a store and the email mentioned the same amount I entered in the Visa competition form. They didn’t want to have some personal or card details, only a copy of the sales receipt or the credit card billig. So I send them the sales receipt.

I’ve never heard of any relationship between Revolut and the Yorkshire Bank. I would contact Revolut staff here via DM and ask them to look into this. This seems dubious to me.

Thanks. Where can I get in contact with them?

I don’t see any buttons to contact them.

Should there be a button labeled “message” like seen in this post: Account Blocked Chat not Responding for 14hours

Edit: now a message button appears. Strange.

Hi there. Revolut card aren’t issued by Yorkshire Bank.