Visa issued by Yorkshire Bank?


Hello Community,

I got an email that I have won something with Visa and Yorkshire Bank. The mentioned transaction was made with my Revolut Visa card.

Are these cards issued by the Yorkshire Bank?

Thanks in advice


The question is: Have YOU authorised the transaction?

Proceed with caution. Never reveal your personal and card details as this is common way for scammers to steal your money.


Yes. I paid at a store and the email mentioned the same amount I entered in the Visa competition form. They didn’t want to have some personal or card details, only a copy of the sales receipt or the credit card billig. So I send them the sales receipt.


I’ve never heard of any relationship between Revolut and the Yorkshire Bank. I would contact Revolut staff here via DM and ask them to look into this. This seems dubious to me.


Thanks. Where can I get in contact with them?


@AndreasK and @JessicaZ might be able to answer your questions.


I don’t see any buttons to contact them.

Should there be a button labeled “message” like seen in this post: Account Blocked Chat not Responding for 14hours

Edit: now a message button appears. Strange.


Hi there. Revolut card aren’t issued by Yorkshire Bank.