Visa instead of MasterCard?



I´ve requested my Revolut Card and I was expecting to be Mastercard instead of Visa.

Why did I get a Visa card? is it possible to change it now?
what can I do?

thank you.
Best Regards,
André Garcia


Hey Xisbala, where are you located?


Hi Henrik.
in Portugal, Lisbon.


Hey, i thought only UK physical cards are visa. You can try and talk to support. If you mean the virtual card, all virtual cards are Visa. Soon we should be able to choose which one we want.


Also customers in The Netherlands get a Visa.


It is clear from all the comments on this forum that the choice between VISA, MasterCard or Maestro is is badly needed. Who knows? AmEx, JCB and UnionPay might be options if Revolut expands beyond Europe. I just wish that we were given a deadline instead of a vague “in the near future” reply".

Also, It isn’t great that customers in various European countries have no idea what card they will be sent. My example: MasterCard was shown in the app when I was ordering physical card but Visa was delivered. This needs to be clarified.


Currently, new Premium-Cards are Mastercard, new Standard-Cards are Visa (or also Maestro, in some special countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Austria).