Visa instead of Mastercard in Portugal?


I just got my Revolut Card and it is a Visa.

In Portugal these is a major issue. Most places do not accept Visa and almost all accept Mastercard.

Is there anything I can do now?

If I ask for a second card (and pay for it) will it be a mastercard? Will I be able to choose? How can I be sure?

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What the hell are you talking about? Visa and Mastercard acceptance is the exact same in Portugal. A merchant either accepts Multibanco only, which only a few do nowadays, or they have to accept all cards. There are no merchants that accept mastercard but not Visa.

Where did you get that idea?


Thank you for your feedback. Could you answer the questions, please?

If I ask for another card will it be a MasterCard?

There’s currently no way to get a mastercard unless you have premium. And as I explained, there is no reason why you would need a mastercard in Portugal as you won’t get any more acceptance…

I have both MasterCard and Visa (I’m a portuguese user) and confirm that both are accepted in a lot of places. The only issues I’ve had were because revolut is a pre-paid card… not because it was visa or MC… my only complain about Visa is that I cannot change the PIN code, which is annoying…

Just to be clear to @DiogoFC, currently standard cards in Portugal are only Visa, you can’t get Mastercard anymore and the acceptance in Portugal between one and the other is the same

As for the PIN, Revolut should implement the feature to let you change the PIN in the app as you can’t do it in Portuguese Multibanco ATMs, so what they say about being able to change at any ATM is not true…

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Again, thank you all for your feedback.

I’ve had both Visa and Mastercard Cards from other banks and all I can say is that Visa has less acceptance than MasterCard. At least in my area. Sometimes you even have to use different machines to work Visa (not Visa electron) cards and that is not cool. One of my relatives has an older revolut MasterCard and it works everywhere without any problems. I’ve had mine (Visa) for a couple of days and I was able to use it 3 times out of 7 attempts. I won’t discuss the “same acceptance” subject anymore because I don’t have the information to do so, all I have is my experience and it’s not good.

So, I can’t get a MasterCard unless I upgrade. Ok. Thanks!

I see where you may be confused…

All Portuguese cards are actually dual network, Multibanco and an international network, either Maestro, Mastercard or Visa.

When you’re using a Portuguese card in Portugal you’re using Multibanco, not mastercard or visa. The issue with revolut is that it is only a single network card, either mastercard or visa, it has no Multibanco…

So the places where it’s not accepted are places that accept only Multibanco. If you try a Portuguese visa card in that same place you’ll see that it will work as it’s using multibanco

Your argument of previous experience with visa and Mastercard is not really logical because in both cases you’re using Multibanco. mastercard or visa will only work for Portuguese cards when travelling to other countries


My Portuguese Visa card from a Portuguese bank has the same problem. My MasterCard card from a Portuguese bank does not have this problem. I have no idea why. And that is not really my question. All I needed to know is that I cannot choose.

But thanks for your explanation. I just really want a Revolut MasterCard. That’s all. Hope they make it available to standard accounts too.

That seems to be an issue with your specific card and/or your bank, as the visa/Mastercard functionality of Portuguese cards only works when travelling abroad. In Portugal they have the exact same multibanco functionality.

I know this is not your specific question, but it’s important to address it so that when someone else finds this thread, doesn’t get misinformed and spends money on a card that won’t solve the problem they might be having

As for the mastercard revolut, Revolut says “soon” everyone will be able to choose between visa and mastercard. Just don’t forget to update this thread when you get your Mastercard and find out its the exact same as the Visa…