Visa Direct - Sending from Canadian Banks

Two questions;

  1. Seems that new Revolut cards are Visa instead of MC. My physical card is MC, if I order a new Virtual card will it be a Visa or MC?

  2. Will a Revolut Visa (specifically virtual card) be able to receive Visa Direct payment from Canadian bank? Seems you can’t send direct from Canadian bank to Revolut because not part of Interac payment system that most Cdn banks use. Some seem to offer Visa Direct payments - payments to prepaid Visa’s worldwide. (

The virtual cards issued at this time are all Visa.
In the near future you will have the option to choose between MC and Visa, both for physical and virtual cards.

As for the other question, I have no idea :slight_smile:


Hi! Did you have any luck sending money from TD via Visa Direct to the Revolut Visa card?

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I would also like to know!

Anyone succeded to top up via Visa Direct? I have tried with no success from my MCB bank in Mauritius.