Visa cards - Why did the option disappear?


I understand that the ability to get a Visa card is limited to some countries right now but, I meet those requirements and I previously had the option to order Visa cards but now it’s unavailable.

Is there any reason for this change? When will they be back?

Hey @clickyclick,

I ordered a card less than 30 days ago and it was a Visa Prepaid. I’m based in Portugal. Where are you trying to order the card from?

Either Visa or MasterCard are accepted pretty much everywhere, but I know Visa is a lot better for some people (like myself).

Have you tried contacting :r: on Twitter or through the app?


I’m ordering it from the UK; I don’t have the option to choose Visa any more and I really need it for travelling Asia where it’s much more commonly accepted.

That’s strange, I can get Visa in Portugal. Try contacting :r: on Twitter they usually reply promptly.

I contacted support, they had no answer.

I still have Visa as an option.

Well @clickyclick, this is strange. I have the option to get a Visa :r: standard card. However, if I go for a Premium one it only gives me MasterCard.

Try sending a message to @AndreasK!

Support said:

The lack of VISA is affecting GB user for now. We are still working on that feature…

out of curiosity, what’s your reason to prefer Visa over MasterCard?

Visa is much more widely accepted in Asian countries. It’s almost 75% Visa in the areas I commonly visit.

While ATMs mostly accept both Visa and MasterCard, POS don’t.

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