Visa card not working on all ATMs (1 out of 5, all different banks)


Hi there. I recently received a Visa contactless Revolut card. I have been travelling all around Europe with my old MasterCard, but since it is not contactless I told myself, why don’t I get a new Visa contactless, it will be accepted to more places (supposing that Visa is accepted on more places than MC).

I got it 2-3 weeks ago. Since then - haven’t been able to withdraw ANYWHERE (I’m currently in Bulgaria). Haven’t been able to pay anywhere either. I have been talking to customer support for the past 2 weeks and they kept telling me that the card is active. BULLSHIT in my opinion.

Tonight they promised to send me a new one. They wanted however for me to send them a photo of the ATM saying its not working. I went to a different ATM (#6 in the overall count) and it worked this time :open_mouth: . Then I went to the usual other ATMs (thinking they fixed it and it is working now) and again… it was not working on the others. All of the 6 ATMs are Visa approved operators present on the Visa website (which Revolut sent me btw).

I tell them this and they refuse to replace the card saying - we can’t guarantee for you to be able to withdraw in all the ATMs… W - T - F ?!? This is a VISA CARD and I AM TRYING TO WITHDRAW AT VISA ATMs. Why the hell isn’t this working and why are they telling me this is normal ???

They shunned me basically not telling me more. Has anyone else had this same issue? This is ridiculous, I can’t run around ATMs and guess which one will work and which one won’t. RIDICULOUS…

Anyone having the same experience ???


Hey @sdkwufc :slight_smile:

Apart from having an insufficient balance, the MC card has never been rejected by an ATM in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Czech Republic or Japan, and the VISA one has never been rejected in Spain nor Poland :confused:

EDIT: ok there might be a specific problem in Bulgaria, as you already found out:


I posted there as well. Let’s see what they say. I’ve never had issues with my MC in Bulgaria (also UK Ireland France Germany etc.). But the new Visa seems extremely off.


In the Czech Republic, I have problems with the Revolut VISA card to withdraw money from ATM Air Bank and ČSOB. Mastercard worked reliably at the same time.


Really sad that Visa cards can’t work everywhere. No point of having them


Hey, the only way we can try and fix this is if we know the ATMs that are not allowing the transactions to go through. So if you can let us know this we will try and fix it asap.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the card. However we are sending you a new card so we can find out for sure.


Hi there Neil. Thanks for your reply.

I will go around my town and try out the majority of the banks. I already have the names of 3 banks and 1 very large merchant in Bulgaria that did not accept it. Should I PM you the names?

As far as the card is concerned - your customer support told me that I will not be getting a new card. Are you sure your information is correct?


Sure please send me as much information as you can!


Here is an update on the situation with names of banks. I’m trying to get a buzz started so that Revolut can fix this issue!

The Visa cards do not work with Reiffeisen, Central Cooperative and Societe Generale banks in Bulgaria. Also as far as merchants are concerned - The biggest supermarket chain Kaufland is NOT accepting it as well…

Please Revolut staff, do something about it. These are major banks in Bulgaria. My Visa card becomes practically unusable.


I can’t believe that I am getting such pointless replies from customer support. I told them which banks do not accept their Visa card and they keep convincing me that there is nothing wrong and I actually managed to withdraw (which is wrong, I managed to withdraw with my MC and not my Visa)

This is getting out of hand!