VISA card network down in the UK


It has been widely reported that Visa payment system was down across the UK today. The approximate time when cards were rejected was between 2:30 and 3:30pm. If you are using Revolut Visa and your card was rejected, this could be the reason for it.


Happened to me at 15:11. The transaction was declined because the date was wrong according to the terminal.


It is late evening now but some users are still affected including those who would like to withdraw cash from ATMs.


I was repeatedly unable to top up Rev via my Visa debit card today - same issue I guess.


Just tried Visa of lloyds at local Mcdonalds… not working :frowning:
Can’t top up :r: neither

Thank god :r: worked flawlesly with payment :slight_smile:


Down in Germany as well… I’m glad PP is actually nice to me and accepts payments anyway (I guess they’ll collect the money from Revolut later)…


I guess it is not a bad idea to have different types of cards in your wallet. Mine are mostly Visa but I also carry MasterCard and AmEx as well as small amount of cash. Although, I had no issues with Visa debit card from a UK bank today.


Mine Lloyds UK got declined multiple times …
Mastercard work ok ( :r: )
Hope they sort it out soom :slight_smile:


If MasterCard has an outage and you are Curve user, you might want to reconsider if having all cards in one is actually a good idea.


Obviously it isn´t a good idea but even if someone uses curve it is still possible to use the connected cards aswell i assume? Then it´s more annoying than a real problem.


It is, if you still carry them with you. Many Curve users sign up to their service to carry only one card.


Well, if your home is 5 mins away from where you tried to pay then no big deal. I used to commute 1 hour 15 mins each way to one of my jobs in the past. Good luck going home and fetching your card in that case.


A case of “think before it happens, else”.


I am new to Revolut. I have tried to top up my R card from my visa card and the transaction shows pending.
Is the Visa problem still not resolved?


:r: said on twitter that apparently all sorted …


My Polish “Visa” Card still not working. Cannot proceed top-up


In their Blog article revolut stated that:
Staying true to our crisis management strategy, we took the following steps to reach out to customers and inform them of the disruption:
1) Sent out a push notification informing all customers.
2) Placed an information banner on the landing page of the app.

I did not get any push notification and also not info banner on landing page.
Sure, I am not located in UK, but service disruption was in my EU country too (judging by comments in local online media), and I do have Revolut VISA.


Wenn need to keep in mind that :r: has not even the chance to fix anything here and a hardware error is usually not that critical because important systems are redundant 2 or 3 times. Like hydraulic systems in an airplane I’d say.

I think something very much worse was going on at Visa. However, they say all’s good since yesterday. :roll_eyes:


Hopefully our information is not compromised.

I’m glad I ordered a Revolut Mastercard two weeks ago in case my Visa wouldn’t work.


It happened to MasterCard in the past, it will probably happen in the future to both Visa and MasterCard again. Diversify your cards, don’t fall into Curve trap by combining all your cards into one. Keep some cash on you, cashless society hasn’t fully arrived yet.