Visa Card for Premium and Metal


Visa Card to the Premium and Metal will a huge benefit when you traveling in countries that does not accept Mastercard.



I am curious, what countries support one but not the other ?

Also as a Premium/Metal user you can still have the standard card which is Visa for some :slight_smile: So if it is just for travels, then a Metal card might be overkill.



MasterCard is widely accepted everywhere

Visa is partially accepted in some countries (Sri Lanka for example)

But with MC I didn’t had any problem in years

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I think some user’s would still probably like the option to choose between either Visa/Mastercard/Maestro. For instance in the event that one of the networks decides to die, like VISA did earlier this year, all across Europe.

I would personally like to be able to carry around two of them (VISA/Mastercard) although I can only get a mastercard for physical and I wouldn’t mind if they added Maestro to my options, along with UnionPay (for use with people visiting certain Asian countries like China).

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A few places in Canada only take MasterCard as well. In the US I can think of one or two chains that only take Visa.

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Yes there are some store in the US that only accept Visa.